Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thoughts About The March 6 “sNO storm”

  • First and foremost I apologize for my overestimates regarding snow totals (~10-14" for Dulles).  To my credit NO reputable snow forecast outlet estimated correctly.
  • I, and many other amateur weather prognosticators, was additionally thrown off by last night's increase in accumulation amount predictions by most weather outlets.  I figure that if they were increasing their forecasts, especially so close to the storm, there's really no way it could bust, right?  I mean if things were starting to look sour, you'd think they would've been decreasing predictions, no?  

  • That had to have been the least accumulating snow for the amount that fell out of the sky.  Just think of what it would've been like had the ground temperatures been a few degrees colder!  Look at that precipitation monster!!!

  • Boy, wasn't it beautiful from about 9am-11am when it was coming down heavy?
  • I'm realizing my desire for snow, as well as others, may have made me bias towards high amounts.  In a way I'm not upset at this because I like the idea that down deep I'm an 8 year old kid that just wants a ton of snow to play in and not have to go to school.  Just like my nephews had a great time today :)

  • As far as types of snowfalls, the worst for sure are wet, slushy kinds like we got.
  • March snow is like late October snow...chances are the ground isn't super cold and there are so many temperature variances typically going on in the atmosphere (in contrast to say late January).
  • I really believed, as did the expert forecasters, that the intensity rate of the falling snow would overcome any surface temperatures above freezing - and stick.  It didn't :/
  • Could you imagine how much we would've got if it was early February and 20 degrees out?  Easily 20-30 inches.  Easily.
  • Don't forget some areas far to the west got pounded as expected.  The Shenandoah Valley saw places hit 2 feet of snow; granted these were mostly places 1,000+ feet in elevation.  This guy in Linden, VA was enjoying his 25”.

  • I got to enjoy some time with family and friends today.  Can't say that for too many regular Wednesdays.
  • I made a special trip for some rum and Coke last night in honor of the ongoing "storm".  Can't go wrong with those ;)
  • Regardless your disposition, frustration, of even anger - chances are you garnered some new meteorological knowledge the past day or two :)

What would I rather have had:  lots of rain or what we got?
                At the end of the day, despite the disappointing totals of yucky wet, slushy snow we got, I think I'd rather have had what we got over 2+" of cold rain all day.  This may be due to the fact that the DC area really hasn't had any significant snow in 3 years now, but I still would take any kind of snow over just cold rain.

There's always next year I guess...sigh...


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