Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Global climate change _______?

What is the proper designation of those that don't deny human actions affect and have affected global climate change, but that are skeptical as to how much exactly of that change can be attributed to manmade actions and how much to natural cycle? You can't call them deniers, but then again they're hesitant to put the brunt of, or even a significant amount, blame on manmade actions.

I would fall in this category of skeptical believers. I acknowledge global climate change is very real. And I acknowledge humans have played a part in creating adverse atmospheric, and the resultant ecological conditions in the last century. But what I can’t seem to find are any concrete numbers as to how much of an impact that is in relation to natural climate cycles (which have been ebbing and flowing for millennia after millennia). And I’m hesitant to jump on the bandwagon of making drastic changes in light of that somewhat apparent ambiguity. I am not opposed to, and do promote, making positive, more environmental-friendly changes in social, political, and personal stewardship realms…but drastic changes? What if man’s actions only accounted for 0.002% of global climate change and the rest were natural? That would cause me to hesitate on making drastic changes like driving a hybrid. Though what if man’s actions have accounted for 54% of global climate change? Well that would have a huge influence on me personally and I would jump on board with the political movements en masse.

I need empirical ratio’s people :)

Global climate change agnostics? That could work.

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